Rosemunde tøj materiale og stof toppe bluser



The production of Chinese silk has a rich history dating back several thousand years. To offer women around the world a luxury feeling – every day, we collaborate with the masters of the craft who harvest, retrieve, spin and weave silk cloth – a meeting of ancient skills with contemporary design. Silk has many qualities and is found in several of our product groups for instance our silk essentials coming both with and without lace. Besides being very soft and comfortable, silk allows your skin to breathe so can be used as a summer fibre, but makes for light weight insulation in the cold. If silk is washed and cared for properly, it does not shrink and creases considerably less than cotton.



Cashmere goats roaming the high plateaus in Mongolia produce half of the world’s cashmere. Picking the useable hairs is a labour intensive process done almost completely by hand. At Rosemunde we believe cashmere is the ultimate luxury: warm, light, soft and sustainable. We will use only the finest quality cashmere with medium length fibres.